Television has too much influence on our lives. Do you agree or disagree?

Yes, I agree with this. In my opinion people watch too much television these days and don’t spend enough time with their family and friends. Spending free time in front of TV can also be very harmful for our health as we don’t get enough physical exercise. That is why there are more and more overweight people who are very likely to suffer from heart diseases. Watching TV should definitely be limited for children who are easily infuenced by what they see and hear and, let’s face it, often fall victims to TV addiction, which is very dangerous at this stage of development.

I don’t share this view. I believe that it depends solely on us how we manage our time and how much of it we are willing to spend doing something as unproductive as sitting in front of the TV screen. I think that nowadays we have more freedom than ever to decide how we want to live our lives and opting for unconventional pastimes, pursuing passions or dedicating yourself to work is much more common and valued than watching television, which automatically becomes just an alternative to much more satisfying activities.


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