School days are the happiest days of your life. Do you agree with it?

When we are kids, we often hear from our parents or grandparents that we should enjoy our school days because it’s the happiest time of our lives. They tell us that we just have to do our homework, discover our talents and… play with our classmates. However, student’s everyday life is not a bed of roses and, retrospectively, most of us wouldn’t like to attend school again. Although we usually have some nice memories of those years, we don’t feel like learning things which seem completely useless for us now and aren’t associated with our interests at all. As adults, we have much more duties, but there are no teachers around who tell us what to do and we don’t have to cope with classmates we don’t like or even can’t stand. There aren’t any exams, tests or quizes and we can finally concentrate on developing ourselves on our own terms. What’s important, we earn our own money and we are independent on other people. Being a student is good when you are a child or a teenager because you have to discover your strengths, interests and learn how to cope with other people. However, when you are already an adult, you hardly ever dream of turning back time and going to school again. After all, there’s right time for everything in life, isn’t there?


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