Is being a vlogger good job?

    Being a vlogger is getting really trendy. More and more young people dream of starting their own YouTube channel to become popular and ,as a result, earn a lot of money. Some of them aren’t even going to continue their education after graduating from secondary schools because they just don’t need any special qualifications to exist in the virtual world. But is it really a good way of thinking? Not necessarily! In my opinion, being a vlogger might be an amazing adventure, but nobody should put all their eggs in one basket. Let us take into consideration that all trends keep changing. Vloggers who are extremely popular now, may get completely forgotten in ten or twenty years. It doesn’t have to be like that, but it’s highly possible. That’s why it’s always better to have a good alternative to earn a living. Having some professional qualifications is a good way to secure our future. There’s also one more thing to remember about. Starting your own channel is just the first step to your potential success. To become famous, you need to have plenty of ideas to arouse other people’s interest and have some luck. As we all know, there’s a lot of competition, so it’s not as easy to distinguish yourself from others. Let’s not forget that it sometimes takes long months or even years to gain enough viewers and earn good money. Additionally, only if you have thousands of them, you can count on cooperation offers from various brands. Before it theoretically happens, you’ll have to buy some good equipment and learn how to edit your videos, so some investments are necessary.
    To sum up, it’s advisable to think prospectively and analyse your plans really thoroughly.


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