B1.2. Appearance

     There is no one universal type of beauty. What is lovely to some people may be ugly for others. For example, not so long time ago, men with beards were not considered attractive. Right now, clean-shaved faces are no longer trendy.

     It is hard to define how a good-looking person should actually look like. We differ from each other and this diversity distinguishes us and makes us unique. People may have fair or dark complexion, they may be tall, short or average-height and we don’t really have any influence on that.

     However, there are some things in our looks that can be changed. For example, it’s only up to us whether we want to be skinny or well-built, slim or overweight. This requires regular activity and a special diet, but everyone can build muscles, lose or gain weight. All you need is some strong will.

     There are also some features that can be easily changed within minutes. Hair colour may be a great example that provides us with instant transformation. Your natural hair may be dark or fair, but you can easily dye them and change your look completely. Another example is hair structure. Girls with straight hair dream about waves, and girl with curly hair straighten it. That’s the effect that you can get at home, you don’t even need to go to the hairdresser.


Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary below:

attractive – atrakcyjny
beard – broda
clean-shaved – gładko ogolony
good-looking – dobrze wyglądający
fair / dark complexion – jasna / ciemna karnacja
fair / dark hair – jasne/ciemne włosy
straight / curly hair – proste/kręcone włosy
slim – szczupły
overweight – mający nadwagę
tall / average-height / short – wysoki / średniego wzrostu / niski
well-built – dobrze zbudowany
skinny – chudy
lovely – uroczy
ugly – brzydki


Answer the questions:

1. It is easy to mention the features of a beautiful person. 

2. An attractive man should shave his face. 

3. Not everyone can be well-built. 

4. Girls always like they way they hair looks like. 

5. What makes us special is the fact that we differ from each other.  



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