A2.3. Sport

     When I was younger, I wanted to be a sportsman, but I was living in a small village and we didn’t even have a playing ground. When I moved to a huge city, it turned out that here are some sport clubs that I could join. I wanted to attend trainings, but the offer was so wide that I didn’t know what to choose.

     Some of those clubs offered swimming lessons. I like swimming, but I wanted to check the other clubs as well. I was wondering if boxing of wrestling are for me, but I don’t like aggression. For this reason, I also didn’t choose hockey, because the players push each other and I didn’t want to get hurt. My dad was saying that I should try weightlifting, but he was just joking, because I am very slim, so it could be risky. I noticed that there were also some gymnastics lessons, but I think it’s for girls. I don’t want my school mates to laugh at me! I was eliminating the sports that I wasn’t interested in and, this way, I was left with athletics, table tennis and fencing. The choice was really hard, because all of those disciplines are really great. Finally, I chose table tennis, because it’s fun and you need to be really fast and focused. It is a sport for both your body and your brain.


Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary below:

swimming – pływanie
boxing – boks
athletics – lekkoatletyka
hockey – hokej
table tennis – tenis stołowy
wrestling – zapasy
fencing – szermierka
weightlifting – podnoszenie ciężarów
gymnastics – gimnastyka


Answer the questions:

1. In my town, there was a football pitch.  

2. I had a problem with choosing the best sport for me.  

3. You may get hurt when doing boxing.  

4. My dad knows that I am too skinny for weightlifting.  

5. My friends from school were laughing at me when I started gymnastics trainings.  



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