A1.5. The perfect hobby

     Kids learn at school, youth go the university, adults work, but all those people have one thing in common. This thing is their free time. It is important to find something interesting that you can do in your free time, something that can be your favorite activity.

     People who have their own hobby are never bored and seem to be more happy. There are many different types of hobby, so finding the one for you shouldn’t be a problem. Some people like travels and they visit different places around the world. People like that must be well organized and prepare for their journeys – traveling is not a short trip! There are also people who like contact with nature and they go fishing. Fishing is a hobby for people who are very patient, so not everyone likes it. If you are an active person, you can play volleyball. Volleyball is a sport for tall people, but if you do it just for fun you can also play it even when you are short. If you like art you can try to paint. Not everyone is talented enough to be the next Picasso, but it is a good way to express your feelings. People who are not afraid of working hard can try playing the violin. This instrument is hard to learn, but when you finally know how to play it, you will really enjoy it, because it is more unique than for example guitar.

     To find your perfect hobby you need to ask yourself what you are interested in. Don’t try to become a football player if you don’t like sport. Your hobby must be something that makes you feel good and relaxed.


Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary below (Zapoznaj się z poniższym słownictwem):

to go fishing – iść na ryby
to play volleyball – grać w siatkówkę
to paint – malować
to play the violin – grać na skrzypach
to travel – podróżować
patient – cierpliwy
tall – wysoki
talented – utalentowany
hard working – ciężko pracujący
well organized – dobrze zorganizowany


Answer the questions (Odpowiedz na pytania):

1. People who aren’t patient like fishing.   

2. People who are short can’t play volleyball.  

3. A hobby is something that you do in your free time.  

4. More people play the violin than the guitar.  

5. People who work don’t have time for a hobby.  

6. To paint, you must be as talented as Picasso.  

7. People who travel must be well organized.  



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