A1.2. Occupations

People choose different occupations to help each other. All of them are important and make our world a nicer place. If you do not know who to be in the future, here are some ideas:

– a teacher is a person who works at school and teaches students about all those interesting things around us (for example about math, biology, music or history),
– a singer is a person who has a nice voice and records songs that we can hear on the radio. They very often perform on a stage and are very popular,
– an actor is a person who plays different characters in tv series, movies and in a theatre. To do this work you must have a good memory to remember long scripts,
– a writer is a person who writes books and has a huge imagination or huge knowledge,
– a shop assistant is a person that we can meet in every shop – they help us find a product that we are looking for and sell it to us,
– a doctor is a person who helps people who are sick and prescribes them medicines. They usually work in hospitals, but sometimes have their own offices too,
– a policeman is a person who takes care of our safety. They wear a uniform and have a gun,
– a driver is a person who drives a car, a bus or a truck. In this job you carry people or goods and spend long hours on the road,
– a cook is a person who prepares delicious meals for us, so that we aren’t hungry.

There are many more occupations, so you should choose the one that you like and that you are interested in. People who don’t like their jobs are easily bored and unhappy.


Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary below (Zapoznaj się z poniższym słownictwem):

a doctor – lekarz
a policeman – policjant
a shop assistant – sprzedawca
a teacher – nauczyciel
a cook – kucharz
a writer – pisarz
a singer – piosenkarz
an actor – aktor
a driver – kierowca


Answer the questions (Odpowiedz na pytania):

1. Who makes the best dinner?   
a) a shop assistant
b) a cook
c) a driver

2. Who can you go to when you are sick?   
a) a policeman
b) a teacher
c) a doctor

3. Who writes the most interesting books?   
a) a teacher
b) a writer
c) a singer

4. Who is very popular?   
a) shop assistant
b) a driver
c) a singer

Who plays in movies?   
a) an actor
b) a singer
c) a cook



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