A1.1. My family

     My name is Suzie and I would like to tell you about my family. I am 9 years old and I learn in elementary school. After school I usually attend music lessons, because I play the piano and I must work hard to become a good musician. I live in a big house with my whole family.

     I like my family, because it is big and we always have fun together. My sister Juliet is a 5 year old girl who lives with me in one room. In our room we have a desk for me and a small table for Juliet, because she doesn’t need a desk yet. She goes to kindergarten and all she does in the afternoons is draw pictures and play with her dolls. My cousin Jenna visits us very often and then they play together. I have two brothers – Josh and Andy. Josh is 3 years older than me and he wants to be a policeman when he grows up. Andy is still a baby – he was born 3 months ago and I help my mom to take care of him. My mom doesn’t work, because she takes care of us at home. We very often cook together and I really enjoy those moments. My dad is a doctor and he is very smart, but also very busy. He works in a hospital and helps people stay healthy.

     My grandparents live next to us together with my uncle Tom who is a baker, my aunt Lily who is a nurse and my 6 year old cousin Jenna. They have a dog and I like visiting them, because they let me play with their pet. Jenna always says that it is her best friend.


Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary below (Zapoznaj się z poniższym słownictwem):

a mother – matka
mom – mama
a father – ojciec
dad – tata
a sister – siostra
a brother – brat
an uncle – wujek
an aunt – ciocia
a cousin – kuzynka
a pet – zwierzę domowe


Answer the questions (Odpowiedz na pytania):

1. Who is a doctor?   
a) my mother
b) my uncle
c) my father

2. What is the name of my younger brother?   
a) Tom
b) Andy
c) Josh

3. Who is Jenna’s best friend?   
a) her pet
b) Juliet
c) me

4. Who lives with me in my room?   
a) Jenna
b) Juliet
c) Lily

5. How old is Josh?   
a) 6
b) 12
c) 3



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