B1.2. A lazy person

B1.2. A lazy person



false impressionbłędne wrażenie
up to the pointaż do momentu
to postponeodwlekać
to rescheduleprzełożyć, zmienić termin
to distractrozpraszać
to prolongprzewlekać


Answer the questions:

1. Lazy people find delaying completion of all projects   
a) appropriate
b) inappropriate
c) stressful

2. Postponing things may be   
a) a source of problems at work
b) a reason to be perceived as thoughtful
c) welcomed in your social life

3. People who work with lazy people   
a) immediately know that they are not reliable
b) learn that they shouldn’t trust them
c) find them trustworthy

4. Doing a lot of things at once may   
a) be a good way to catch up on things
b) never distract you
c) prevent you from being able to focus on your projects

5. When you work on a project   
a) you can’t take breaks
b) you are allowed to take short breaks
c) you should work until you finish your task









Listen carefully and answer the questions below.

     When you’re lazy time passes slowly. It gives you a false impression that you don’t need to do anything at the moment, because everything can be done later. However, it only works up to the point where it turns out that there are a hundred overdue things and you only have two days to complete all of those tasks.
     Those two days are often a very optimistic scenario. It just so happens that people who postpone everything until the last minute cross the set deadlines and have plenty of problems in their professional and social lives. Such people are usually described as unreliable and people who deal with them slowly learn that trusting them is thoughtless.
     How to deal with laziness? First of all, you have to set priorities. Try to focus on the things you need to do, and that can not be rescheduled or should not wait. Don’t do too many things at once if you don’t have to, because it can distract you and it’s usually hard to focus on more than one project. The completion of subsequent tasks will give you a sense of progress. As a result, you will see that your work brings results.
     You need to remember that when you work hard a moment of rest is not a bad thing, but continuously prolonging it can make it so that people will perceive you as an irresponsible and reckless person.

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