A2.2. How to behave on a first date?

A2.2. How to behave on a first date?



to turn outokazać się
first impressionpierwsze wrażenie
to pretendudawać
mutual interestswspólne zainteresowania
to spend timespędzać czas
to promiseobiecywać
to considerrozważać, przemyśleć


Decide which of the following sentences are true and which of them are false.

1. During a first day people want to present themselves well.   

2. It is easy to check if someone lies.  

3. The first date is a good chance to ask about someone’s hobby.  

4. You don’t have to care about your date’s feelings when they turn out to be boring.   

5. Always expect a lot from your first date.  









Listen carefully and answer the questions below.

     A first date often turns out to be the beginning of a relationship. This is why people always want to make a good first impression. However, the fact is that not everyone knows what it really means.
     First of all, be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Every lie can be quickly verified, and there is nothing worse than lying to a person that you like and care for.
     Secondly, there is no need to get stressed. The fact that you’re going on a date does not necessarily mean marriage and children within the next few months. The beginning of any relationship is a time to get to know and understand each other. Use this chance as an opportunity to find common topics or mutual interests.
     Thirdly: be nice. Even if after a long conversation it turns out that the person you are meeting is not ‘the one,’ try to spend this time so as not to leave behind a bad impression.
     And the last advice; do not promise yourself too much. Expectations are the easiest way to experience disappointment. Consider that the first date is just the beginning of your path, so let things develop slowly. Time will tell whether this was worth it or not.

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