A1.1. Your new pet

A1.1. Your new pet


Vocabulary (Słownictwo):

petzwierzę domowe
to caredbać
to requirewymagać
to costkosztować
a fewkilka


Answer the questions (Odpowiedz na pytania):

1. Why do some people buy animals?   

2. A new pet needs as much  as a baby.

3. Food for animals is .

4. You need to find a place to stay for your pet when you are .

5. Before you buy an animal you have to be sure that you have enough .









Listen carefully and answer the questions.

    Many people want to have a pet at home, but not everyone can have one. A new member of a family brings a lot of fun, but also a lot of responsibilities. It is much more than a toy that you can put on a shelf when you no longer like it.
     The first question you should ask yourself is: Do I have enough time to take care of an animal? Many people buy a dog or a cat because it’s their dream, but they don’t know that it requires as much attention as a little child. The sad result of this situation is leaving animals in shelters or leaving them on the road or in the forest.
     The next problem is finances. Do you have enough money to buy food for animals regularly? Can you pay a vet when your pet gets sick? You need to know that many animals can eat exactly what people do, but there are some of them that need special food and sometimes it costs a lot of money!
     You also need to plan where your pet can stay when you’re on vacation. Is there anyone who can take care of it when you are not at home? When you are at your company it is only a few hours, so your animal can wait for you at home, but when you leave for a few days your friend can’t stay alone. The thing is that sometimes you can’t take it with you. The worst situation is the case of long-distance travels. Some countries do not let you visit them with animals, and even if they do, you can not take an animal with you in some planes to transport them.
     And the last thing. Do you have enough space for your new pet? Fish require only an aquarium, but for example dogs must have a place to run. You need to make sure that your new pet can feel good in your flat or house and that it can lead a happy life with you.

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